Student Reviews

2017 Student Reviews

Coach B is the best professor ever. He puts the student success as his priority and really does every to help us.

Best professor in Brooklyn college!

Professor Bassell classes are a strong recommendation because his teaching tactics and people skills are one of the best. He simply cares, he teaches and coaches meaning that he will make Sure you understand the work and criteria to be successful. You will definitely learn and be successful once you have taken this professor.

So far I took 5 classes with Professor Bassell. And I signed up for 2 more classes with him. He is a great professor. He truly cares for all of his students and tries his best to help us. He is a very fair grader. Take his class and you will not regret. He is one of the best professors I ever had!

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2016 Student Reviews

Probably the best professor you could take in Brooklyn College. Always there for you literally. Best coach ever!

Professor Bassell is a remarkable professor, a true CUNY Star!! I love his teaching methods. You might find his assignments comprehensive but if you are willing to learn he will go out his way to assist you and make sure that you understand the course materials. This is what a real instructor does! I recommend Prof. Bassell for other students.

I had Professor Bassell last semester for Busn3100 and 3200. I don’t know where to start from because he is that great. Such a great professor ever. He is always there to help you even after your semester ends. I miss one of his sentence in all my classes now which is “Your success is my #1 priority”. Recommending him for everybody.

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2015 Student Reviews

There is homework due every week. He allows you to basically copy your answer from the book. Participation does matter because no matter the size of the class he WILL KNOW YOUR NAME. Lectures are long but he brings snacks. Only had two test. Allowed us to make up homework. You can contact him at anytime with any problem. GREAT TEACHER!

One of the best professors and an amazing teacher.

Classes with Super Coach Bassell are the best Everrrrrrrr! There are no words to describe how wonderful, professional, and Excellent teacher he is. He is available to help you and guide, literally 24/7! Definitely, can’t wait to be in one of his classes again!! Fun, interesting, helpful, considered, and dedicated Professor!!! Big HUG!!!

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2014 Student Reviews

Love him! Super positive & motivational, gives you every opportunity to pass class. Textbook is old edition so keeps expenses down for student, gives good lead time for homework, posts grades immediately so do the work you’ll know where you stand, case studies are interesting, fair grader, hilarious, uses web resources, tests straight outta book

Professor Bassell is an amazing teacher to work with. He’s very helpful and encourages his students. He’s the best professor at Brooklyn College.

Great Professor! Keeps students motivated even though online course. Truly cares about students well being.Weekly homework assignments, 1 midterm worth 60%,1 final worth 10%,& HW 30%(;(). Easy to contact and supportive. I only have good things to same about Prof Bassell, Highly recommend.

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2013 Student Reviews

Took intl marketing online with him. Very nice person and will do anything to help you and make things clear. There is hw every week of short video clips , if you the work, you will get an A. I got an A 🙂

BEST PROFESSOR EVERRRR!!!!!! Take Coach B for every class that you can. He is the best. Absolutely no regrets.

Very well organized, class was extremely fun. Some hw assignments are very long with a 2,000 word response for each question…. but you learn by doing

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2012 Student Reviews

Online exams and quizzes. Homework is submitted online through blackboard. Sends a lot/long email reminders. Replies to responses fairly quick.

He will work with you just do your work and try

BEST PROFESSOR! VERY helpful and grades fair.

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2011 Student Reviews

This professor is amazing. he is very hard in the begginning of semester but bby the end of semester we got 5 student appriciation days and we able to study for final. There was not paper in this clas which was also easy. It was an easy A for me!!!

Excellent Professor one of the best at Brooklyn College. Total command of the topics that he teaches. Highly recommend.

Great Professor. Highly recommend!!!

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2010 Student Reviews

Professor Myles Bassey is the Professor of the Millennium. His teaching skills and methods are outstanding. He is very proactive and a very discipline Professor. He does not tolerate laziness and this is shown in the way he does his things. He gives the syllabus on time, and also gives his grades for his quizzes and exams on time. He is unique in e

Extraordinary Professor & Coach who goes above & beyond to assist his students. He truly cares about his students’ success & he encourages us every step of the way. He responds to all our emails & text messages in a timely fashion. He is understanding & kind. He is also a mentor to his students. GREAT JOB COACH.

I really enjoyed this class. The Professor was so helpful and available. I am truly amazed at how much I learned this semester. The hands on experience was so helpful in learning how a business is run and what is involved.

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2009 Student Reviews

He is definitely one of the best professors at Brooklyn College. Hes funny and relatable. All you have to do is follow his outline and its a guaranteed A.

A++ professor!!! He is the best professor in BC college~~~ I took both of his class- Bus 50.2 and Bus 50.5 He love all of his student. He will never ignore his students. He will try to explain evrything very clearlly and will let student know what is going to be on the exam. But students will need to do the work that he gives out if you guys want A

He is a funny and nice professor. He always replies students’ email or text message right away. Caring about his students very much, really wants people to learn the subject.

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2008 Student Reviews

he is a very very nice professor i have ever saw in my 4 college life(i am gonna graduate soon)when something bad happen to my family, and i was not able to come to school for a month. He understands that difficulty i have been through and he is(alway) very willing to help me. Professor Bassel i am here and i wana say sincerely, thank you. Take him

Professor is easily accessible. will help u with anything u need. Explains the materials u need to know in class and in life. If ur looking for a quantitative class this isnt the one. Its about the fundamentals of derivatives and how they are applied in life.

Coach is awesome. I had no interest in finance classes before but he made the class interesting. He really wants you to succeed and I highly recommend him.

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2007 Student Reviews

great professor

He is EXTREMELY helpful when it comes to being there all he time to help his students. He has a great sense of humor. If you work hard, you will get the grade that you deserve. Don’t be scared of the homework assignmentts and the test.

Professor Bassel is one of a kind. He inspires you to always give your best and he always appreciates your efforts. I highly recomend this professor if you want to learn real things about the business world. His teachings even helped me in my own real job!

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2006 Student Reviews

Very nice professor who’s very open in helpfing his students. I personally think this teacher is one of the coolest one’s out there. So if you have a chance to get into his class, go for it! You will see what i mean when he defines the word cool

Very cool guy, but don’t take his kindness for weekness…As long as you attend class and do your homework and submit them in time, you are 80% sure you’ll pass… Once again great guy who really takes his job seriously… although he is very realx and cool…

Great Prof.Keeps u abreast by email of assignments & preparation for test.Projects are time consuming & long.Very knowledgeable & will learn alot from him. ALWAYS available to students & cares about your progress & future.Must take if u r not lazy Highly recommended.Great looking & dresses nicely. Definately will take him again! Great for bus.major

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2005 Student Reviews

The tests aren’t easy. You’ll have to study and do a lot of memorizing. The teacher is thorough. He’ll challenge you. He’ll appreciate your effort. Never give up in this class – no matter how grim you might become – Prof. Bassell rewards productivity and encourages individual improvement.

he is a very good instructor, very helpful, i don;t know about him being hot though, but apart from that he won’t fail you (if u don’t cheat) i got an A in his class so i guess if you do your work and try hard you’ll get an A. All i can say this man is truly one of a kind.

Professor Bassell is one of the best professors I have had at Brooklyn College. He is available, approachable and fair. A lot of reading, read the study guides,chapters and ask questions in class. He will respond to your e-mails. The test are long study the material given and you will not fail & ANY test. DO NOT CHEAT!

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