Honors / Capstone

Honors Courses Taught:

  • BUSN 5000 Independent Research in Business Policy and Managerial Economics (click here)
  • BUSN 5100 Fieldwork 1 Individual Taxation (click here)
  • BUSN 5101 Fieldwork 2 Business Taxation (click here)

Click here to view some sample syllabi. 

Capstone Seminars:

  • BUSN 4100 Seminar in Marketing Research (click here)
  • BUSN 4101 Seminar in Strategic Marketing (click here)
  • BUSN 4200 Business Management and Policy (click here)
  • BUSN 4300 Business Finance (click here)

Click here to view some sample syllabi.

Image Credit: Jenn Vargas via Flickr, Creative Commons